Shivermoon (shivermoon) wrote,

new ink and new school

In 2 days under a month, I will be officially moved out of my house, most likely to not return for any length of time. It's an odd feeling, this thing we know of as growing up. I don't like it because I still don't feel fully there yet most days. I am coming to understand myself more as a human being, and I have begun to acknowledge more and more of myself as being what it is, rather than trying to change it. I am becoming more comfortable in my skin, and find I am shedding my discomfort with life more. I like it. I feel stronger with each day. I've come to terms with who I am and what I crave from life, and I realize I know exactly what I want.


I want just enough money to buy the music/clothes/drugs/food/fun I want, and nothing more. I have no desire for power, wealth or fame, cause those things are worthless. I want a completely non-socially acceptable job (not career), where I can be lazy, read, and do as I feel, and my bosses won't care as long as its done right. Essentially, I want nothing to change about my life, except my location. Oh yeah, and maybe find a girl that isn't crazy, obsessive, and/or nags me about my personal life choices. With a brain, preferably. And no diseases. Which, oddly enough, is hard to find, but I'm working on it.

And I'm working on finishing my next tattoo. It rips off a really cool t-shirt that Jen had. The shadow of a girl, gun in hand, blowing her brains out, but rather than blood/brain bits splashing out, it's leaves/petals/flowers. I know it sounds "very gay" (as a co-worker of mine pointed out), but the original print has butterflies, and I already have one flower on my back to begin with. It's going to be on my right arm/shoulder area, and should look cool. I just need about 300 dollars to pay for it. So I need a job as soon as I arrive at Mizzou, so I can get it done over winter break by House of Ink.
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