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late nights and x

So, lately I've taken to looking after the local kids that are rolling or tripping on the weekends. Watching people on drugs is almost as interesting as taking them yourself, simply because of the mental awareness thing. For a few hours, you are the most sober, calm thing in their existence, and it gives me this amazingly warm feeling to help take care of them and keep them out of trouble. I guess this means that I like taking care of people on some level, and I'm not sure how I feel about that some days. I'm not a care giver, I'm not reliable, but for some reason, according to a few of them, I do an amazing job of making sure they are having fun and not getting paranoid.

I've managed to get amazingly better at welding in a short span. Dan is willing to let me start doing the actual work for the next project we have, rather than just tacking and non-structural welds. This makes me happy, as it means I'll have not only a skill that most do not have, but I'll also have a resume of projects I have done. All my other classes are doing great as well, but I have to see my adviser in order to register next semester, which is just a pain in the ass.

Oh yeah, I gashed open my right hand and needed three stitches to close it back up. I could see the tendon and everything. I didn't feel a thing, simply because I was amazingly high on adrenaline in seconds flat. If I wasn't, I don't think I would have managed to be as amused by it as I was. Watching them stitch my hand close was cool to watch, but they itched for a while after wards. They come out tomorrow.

And I have a mohawk now. Sleep time.
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