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Been a long time...

So it's been a long while since I've written anything. Mostly because I've been busy, partially because I've been keeping a journal by hand to help with my horrible, horrible hand writing.

To sum up the past year or so:
Still have one year left of school.
Quit smoking and drinking.
Dad passed away.
Friend, Damien, passed away.
Sam, another friend, had his heart fail and he died for 2 minutes. Luckily no brain damage.
Moved into my own apartment in Como, somewhat enjoying it.
Had a nervous breakdown, which is now being nicely medicated by mid-high doses of SSRIs and sedatives (hence the aforementioned no drinking).
Had my own designs for shows, and managed to secure a main stage set design for this upcoming year.
Got another job for during the school year, so maybe I'll be able to pull myself out of debt.

So, yeah, crazy busy, but otherwise fine. I am looking forward to my classes, and I am going out on a date this Saturday, which should be fun. Hopefully, even though I'll be busy, I want to keep up with this journal, as a method of stress relief and reflection.
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