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Back in the 'Lou

So, with my recent illness and the like, I've moved back to the 'Lou for a while. I had to withdraw from school, and I'm going to need to find a job, but I think in the long run I'll do better. After Dad's death, a lot of things have fallen apart, and I do feel pretty icky most days. The meds that are supposed to make me feel better have horrible adjustment periods that make you feel worse for some length of time, but I'll tough it out better with my mom and family than on my own. It gives me a nice safety net.

I do need to find a psych program that takes my insurance, as well as a decent therapist. I do feel better talking to my mom about how I feel, but it stresses her to hear how down I am sometimes.

Nice thing is, I get to hang out with Sam a bit more. Since he can't drink and I'm not supposed to, it's a lot easier to hang out than before, because at alternating times only one of us wasn't drinking, which always became an annoyance for the sober party at some point. A lot of our friends are heavy drinkers as well, so the amount of peer pressure is crazy.

I've also found some kind of odd faith in all this misery. I'm going back to church, and I'm rather enjoying it right now. Even though I have some issuses with a lot of the anger that comes out of it, but a lot of the Christian faith is based upon hope and compassion, which does give me a lot of the strength to get through the day.
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