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I've been suffering from some wicked writer's block lately. I just can't seem to find something to write about at this moment, and that is a rather annoying thing. However, my meds are really working out well, so at least it is less frustrating and horrid than usual. I have been working on finding a job, but right now it's surprisingly difficult. Even malls are having trouble, and many of the stores at them are not hiring for the holidays, which is a big sign of how bad things have been lately. The economy and current political issues concern me, but at least the upcoming president is one whom I agree with on many topics, and it seems like he'll do a much better job than the alternatives.

My love life, has interestingly enough, gotten a lot less. A girl I've known for a long time has decided that we should go out, which is actually rather strange. She used to date one of my friends, which may go poorly, but I enjoy her company a lot, and she has great taste in music. It's strange, but it works well for some reason.

Also, the 23rd is my birthday, and I'm going out to dinner with my family, then drinks with my brother after wards. It should be a lot of fun. It is my golden birthday after all, and I plan to have fun regardless of any troubles.
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