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ramblings from como

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto -

Everything is going ok here. I finished welding together some of the set for George M., and I started to talk to the Japanese professor here about working on his Japanese Puppet theater stuff. I already have my assignment for next semester, I'll be assistant stage manager on The Peddler, and next year I have to do a few capstone projects. After that, it's over. I'm out of college. So close away I can almost taste it. I'm making a few more friends here, Mike being one of the better ones I have had the luck of making. He's a dirty redneck from Desoto, but he is oddly practical and caring. He doesn't give a crap about your appearance or tastes, as long as you aren't hurting him or forcing your choices on him. If you want to be his friend, that's cool with him. If not, fuck you. He also has a similar family background to me, despite the fact that he's from the "backwater" section of Missouri. His parents make enough money to put him through college, but, like me, they do not give him anything he has not earned. Great guy. Wish more people were like him.

Still having somewhat of an awkward anger with some of the female gender right now, not because of what females as a whole have done to me, but because of the way they seem to act around here. The cute, intellectual ones are all either involved with someone or hate themselves, and the "hawt" ones are all stupid, vapid, slutty girls without souls. Why can't they ever be nice, rational, pretty, AND smart (not in that order, but it just read best that way)? *sigh* Well, I have a japanese exam tomorrow morning, so I'm going to go to sleep.
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